Mold repair , manufacturing of mold parts and plastic injection molding parts.

Sanko Mold and Plastics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Motto: Trust in people, Confidence in the company
      Sanko Mold and Plastics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has been established in September 2012 in Amata city Rayong Industrial Estate as a wholly owned subsidiary of Sanko Mold Co., Ltd., which is located in Miyoshi-city, Aichi prefecture Japan, and it has been commencing operation since October 2013.
      As two pillars of the mold business and plastic injection molding business, we can provide total support of plastic parts from mold making until plastic injection molding even mold making and mold maintenance or repair only in accordance with the requirement from customers.
      By having a mold processing equipment in-house, We think customers can procure parts with confidence. In addition Sanko Mold Vietnam Co., Ltd. has been established in 2000 as the first overseas bases and by long experiences, they can provide mold with same quality standard as Japan. From now on, we three group of companies, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam will cooperate each other and would like to continue to help our customers the best procurement.